Coupling Blinds And Drapes: Dos And Don'ts

When designing their homes, many homeowners opt for blinds or drapes. However, wouldn't it be nice to have both? By choosing to combine both types of window treatments, you have the functionality of blinds, but are able to give them a softer, elegant appearance thanks to the addition of drapes. Now, it takes a bit of finesse to pair these two window treatments, so here are a few dos and don'ts as you start to couple blinds and drapes.

Warm-Weather Pests Your Local Pest Control Company Can Help You Control

If you don't have scheduled pest control treatments throughout the year, you might want help from your local pest control company during the summer months. Bugs are plentiful when the weather is warm and rain is frequent. While many of those bugs live outside, some will make their way indoors, such as roaches and ants. An exterminator helps keep the bugs out of your house and makes your yard safer for your kids and pets.

3 Times When Septic Tank Inspection Is Imminent

Septic tanks can last a really long time when they are properly installed and maintained, but sometimes, they do have issues. You may think you will never really need to hire a septic tank inspection service, but there are multiple situations when you just might. Check out three times when septic tank inspection may be imminent. You get a warning from the local health department about the condition of your septic system.

Frequent Myths About Whirlpool Tubs

Upgrading your home's bathtub can be an effective way of improving the value of your home as well as making it a more comfortable place to be. In particular, adding a whirlpool tub can be an extremely luxurious upgrade to make, but myths about these devices can discourage individuals from installing this style of bathtub in their home. Myth: A Whirlpool Tub Will Be Extremely Hard To Clean Cleaning the bathtub can be one of the routine home maintenance tasks that you may enjoy the least.

6 of the Biggest Advantages Copper Sinks Can Provide

If you're wondering which type of sink to choose for a bathroom or kitchen in your home, you should learn a bit about the advantages of copper sinks. The following are six of the biggest advantages provided by copper sinks that could convince you to choose this sink material option for your home: The appearance of a copper sink is elegant and unique. Perhaps the biggest benefit of choosing this material for a sink is the aesthetic benefit.