Luxury Interior Designers Recommend These Bathroom Upgrades

A bathroom redesign can feel like a major ordeal. You might feel like you simply don't have the energy to plan an entirely new look for your bathroom. The good news is that an interior designer can step in and help you upgrade your bathroom with some recommendations for design.

Are you ready to make some changes to your bathroom? These are some of the best design changes you can make to create a luxurious bathroom experience in your own home.

Add a Vanity

A vanity is one of the best additions you can make in your bathroom. If you spend a lot of time doing makeup in your bathroom, a vanity can add some style and comfort to your hobby. Your interior designer will help you find a vanity, mirror, and lights that match the decor of the bathroom.

Add a Walk-In Shower

If you want to make a major change to your bathroom, consider replacing your tub with a walk-in shower. A walk-in shower will make your bathroom much more sophisticated. Interior designers will help you design the right shower for your needs and the aesthetics of your bathroom.

Create More Storage

Do you want to eliminate your clutter from your bathroom? Interior designers will give you some ideas for extra storage, whether you want to use basket hampers or add some extra shelves to the walls. Storage solutions help you make a storage-friendly bathroom that looks luxurious rather than compartmentalized.

Change Out Your Tiles

The tiles you choose for your bathroom can make a huge impact on the way you feel when you walk into the room. If you have an idea in mind, you can speak with an interior designer to learn more about the tiles you want to use on the floor, as a backsplash, or in the shower. Designers will ensure that your tiles are color-coordinated for your goals.

Replace Outdated Towel Bars

Many people give very little notice to the towel bars and other accessories hanging on the walls. The truth is that these items can become outdated before you even notice. Designers can help you find towel bars that are less dated and more luxurious.

Call an Interior Designer Today

Are you ready to make a difference in your home? The style you choose can make your bathroom a comfortable place to be, and an interior designer will help you find the best option for your home. Set up an appointment with a luxury interior designer today to have a designer assess your home.