This Is Why Your Home Needs Rain Gutters

Rain gutters are an essential part of any house, but some homes lack them. Whether your rain gutters fell down and were damaged and never replaced or you bought your home without rain gutters, it's something that you should change up ASAP. Here's why.

When Water Falls off the Roof

Rain gutters have one purpose: to carry away water that's falling off your roof away from your home. But when you lack rain gutters, that water instead just pours off the edge of the roof and lands next to your house. This may not seem like a big deal, especially if your home is up and off the ground courtesy of its foundation, but this is exactly where the problems begin.

Damage to the Foundation

Prolonged exposure to water can damage the foundation of your home. You may notice that cracks start to develop in the foundation or even that the house seems to shift more while it's raining. For example, you may hear floorboards creaking or popping into position more often. This is because the foundation itself is taking a hit from the rain, and the ground is becoming saturated underneath it. As this continues it can make things even worse by effectively tilting your home's foundation, which it isn't designed for and isn't flexible enough to handle. Instead, more cracks - and deeper cracks - will develop.

If your foundation is damaged enough, it can result in your entire home being unlivable until the foundation is repaired. Needless to say, this is an extremely expensive repair to undertake and one that can take up a lot of time. Staying in your home should be your number one goal, so you don't want to put off getting rain gutters.

What to Do

Getting new rain gutters is an extremely easy process. All you need to do is call a professional to come out, measure your home, and order them for you. Then when they're ready they can be mounted onto the roof of your house. It's as easy as that! The rain gutter will carry water away from your house, your foundation will be safe again, and your house should creak and crack less during rainstorms.

If you lack rain gutters, there's no time like the present to change that. Get in touch with a company like Clinton Seamless Guttering to get started. The foundation of your home may very well rely upon it.