The Benefits and Drawbacks For Roll-Down Hurricane Shutters

If you live somewhere where tropical storms and hurricanes are a possibility, you need to protect your home with storm shutters. There are various types of storm shutters you can install on your home. One type of storm shutters that you can install on your home are roll-down hurricane storm shutters.

Benefits of Roll-Down Hurricane Storm Shutters

Roll-down storm shutters are attached to the space above the window inside of a closed and sealed box when they are not in use. When they are in use, they are rolled out and attached to the side of your window. 

The set-up of these shutters is permanent, so you don't have to go and set-up your storm shutters every time a storm is approaching. All you have to do is roll the shutters out in order to protect your windows. 

Your roll-down storm shutters can be lowered via a hand crank, and then you have to manually lock the shutters into place. You can invest in some high-quality shutters that roll down via the push of a button and lock into place. Either way, they are really easy to use and are something that one person can handle on their own. 

Drawbacks of Roll-Down Hurricane Storm Shutters

The one major drawback of roll-down storm shutters is that they are expensive; you are going to pay a high price for these shutters. They are expensive because they attach to your home, are enclosed in a protective box, have the equipment to lock in place around your windows, and are made of really strong and sturdy materials. You are paying for having permanent, easy-to-use, and strong protection in place.

It is important to keep in mind that once you make this investment, you will not have to keep making it. Your roll-down storm shutters should protect your home for decades to come.

Additionally, if you go with the push-button electronic storm shutter option instead of the hand crank option, you will need to have a battery back-up system in place so that you can release the shutters in the event of a power outage. That requires you to take care of a battery back-up system for your shutters, which should be a minimal time investment. 

If your windows are not currently protected, you can protect them by installing some type of storm shutters. One type of storm shutters that you could install are roll-down hurricane storm shutters, which are easy to use and provide a great level of protection.