Warm-Weather Pests Your Local Pest Control Company Can Help You Control

If you don't have scheduled pest control treatments throughout the year, you might want help from your local pest control company during the summer months. Bugs are plentiful when the weather is warm and rain is frequent. While many of those bugs live outside, some will make their way indoors, such as roaches and ants. An exterminator helps keep the bugs out of your house and makes your yard safer for your kids and pets. Here are some ways to deal with pesky warm-weather pests indoors and out.

Have Your Yard Treated For Mosquitoes

When mosquitoes are bad, they ruin all of your outdoor fun. You probably don't want to use bug spray every time you go outside, so the mosquitoes can keep you indoors and limit your enjoyment of your pool or patio. A pest control company can spray your yard for mosquitoes so you can enjoy spending time outdoors without worry about catching a disease from a mosquito bite.

Treat Your Home And Yard For Fleas

Fleas can infest your home after your dog carries them inside. Once fleas start multiplying inside and outdoors, they become a serious problem. Flea infestations can be hard to get under control yourself, but your local pest control company can help. You may need to prepare your home first by laundering pet bedding and vacuuming to clear the area and get rid of some of the fleas, and then the exterminator can apply products that kill existing and new fleas.

The exterminator may treat the outdoors too by applying the flea treatment in shady areas where fleas and your dog are likely to hang out. It's also important to take your dog to the vet to get the appropriate flea medication so your dog stops being a walking host for the fleas.

Eliminate Ants That March In Your Home

Ants are nuisance pests that can ruin food you leave sitting out. They may not live inside your house, but a pest control expert can hunt them down and destroy the colony outside. This can be done with baits or by spraying an ant mound. Ants can be particularly bad after it rains and they come to the surface, and they have an amazing ability to get inside your house when they detect food. Sealing your house is another approach your exterminator may suggest so ants don't have an easy way to get inside.

Get Rid Of Roaches Before They Get Out Of Control

Certain roaches dwell inside buildings, and you carry them home from other buildings, such as in grocery store boxes and bags or with items from a thrift store. Other roaches live outdoors and thrive under certain weather conditions. These roaches like to live under damp things such as clumps of wet leaves and wet mulch you might have near your foundation. If you turn over a clump of wet leaves, you may see roaches scurry everywhere. These roaches are fine with moving into your house once they crawl under the door or through a crack.

Roaches have a way of multiplying unseen, so you probably want to call your local pest control company for help when you start seeing them. For every roach you see, there are probably several more hidden under the sink or behind the refrigerator that you don't know about.

For help with these and other pests, contact local pest control services.