Frequent Myths About Whirlpool Tubs

Upgrading your home's bathtub can be an effective way of improving the value of your home as well as making it a more comfortable place to be. In particular, adding a whirlpool tub can be an extremely luxurious upgrade to make, but myths about these devices can discourage individuals from installing this style of bathtub in their home.

Myth: A Whirlpool Tub Will Be Extremely Hard To Clean

Cleaning the bathtub can be one of the routine home maintenance tasks that you may enjoy the least. However, it is essential for removing soap scum, dirt, and other debris that may collect in the tub. While it is true that a whirlpool tub will have more crevices than a traditional bathtub, it should not be much more difficult to clean. Typically, the jets of the whirlpool tub are designed to be easily removed so that they can be conveniently cleaned. Some of these tubs may also have a cleaning mode that can loosen and remove much of the dirt that may gather in the bathtub.

Myth: All Whirlpool Tubs Are The Same

When choosing a whirlpool tub for your home, there are some important considerations that you may want to consider. One of the most important will be the ease of access. Some individuals will suffer from severe mobility issues that may make it harder for them to safely enter and exit a standard whirlpool tub. In these situations, they may need one that incorporates steps, ramps, and other upgrades to make it easier for these individuals to use the tub. Additionally, there may be other amenities that you want to be included, such as extra powerful water jets, heating elements, or even sound systems.

Myth: Whirlpool Bathtubs Are Extremely Messy To Operate

It is common for some homeowners to imagine that their whirlpool tub will splash water all over the bathroom while it is in use. While it is true that there will be some splashing from the water jets, the majority of the action will be occurring below the surface of the water. Additionally, the contractor will likely install a waterproof splash pad along the base of the tub that will be able to keep your floors protected from any water that may splash out of the tub. Lastly, you can greatly reduce this risk by avoiding overfilling the tub. Each whirlpool tub will have a fill line that should be respected to ensure that it is able to operate at peak efficiency.