6 of the Biggest Advantages Copper Sinks Can Provide

If you're wondering which type of sink to choose for a bathroom or kitchen in your home, you should learn a bit about the advantages of copper sinks. The following are six of the biggest advantages provided by copper sinks that could convince you to choose this sink material option for your home:

The appearance of a copper sink is elegant and unique.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of choosing this material for a sink is the aesthetic benefit. Copper sinks stand out in terms of appearance when it comes to being both attractive and different. Copper sinks offer an unexpected color for a sink and also provide a unique luster. This makes them a good choice for those who are looking to beautify their home and make a room stand out. 

There are a variety of finishes to choose from with copper sinks.

All copper sinks do not look exactly the same. When choosing copper as a sink material, a homeowner can choose between different finishes and designs. Common finish options include either a smooth finish or a hammered finish. Also, sculptured designs can be used on copper sinks. 

Copper has natural microbial properties that will help keep the sink clean.

Generally speaking, it's easier to keep copper sinks clean thanks to the fact that copper surfaces feature natural microbial properties. This means that kitchen germs and bacteria will have trouble flourishing on copper sinks. 

A copper vessel sink can easily fit into a small space.

Vessel sinks are common options when it comes to copper sink design. These sinks consist of a bowl-like form. Vessel sinks tend to be smaller than traditional sinks so that they fit into small places conveniently and practically. 

Copper sinks do not require a great deal of maintenance.

There is not much to maintaining copper sinks. Thanks to their naturally microbial qualities, they tend to require relatively little cleaning. Simply washing a copper sink down with soap and water every few weeks is all the maintenance that's really required. Also, those with a copper sink should know to avoid exposing copper sink surfaces to temperature extremes whenever possible.

Copper is very durable as a sink material.

Copper sinks are designed to last a long time. Copper is generally a heavy gauge material that creates a surface that is not susceptible to damage. This makes it so that copper easily stands up to the demands of heavy-duty work in a kitchen.