3 Times When Septic Tank Inspection Is Imminent

Septic tanks can last a really long time when they are properly installed and maintained, but sometimes, they do have issues. You may think you will never really need to hire a septic tank inspection service, but there are multiple situations when you just might. Check out three times when septic tank inspection may be imminent.

You get a warning from the local health department about the condition of your septic system. 

If someone in your area suspects that the septic system on your property has problems, or if the local city officials spot problems, you could be reported to the local health department. Leaking sewage is a threat to the public's safety and does pose some health risks. In some cases, it won't be just one home that has issues; in older parts of town, a series of homes can have septic tank issues that homeowners are called upon to have inspected and repaired. 

You want to buy a home that has known septic system issues. 

If a home you have found on the market has suspected septic tank issues, there is no doubt that any lender serious about offering you a loan will require the septic tank to be inspected. Problems with a septic tank and system can usually be fixed fairly easily by a professional who knows what they are doing. However, the replacement of a septic system can come at some expense, and problems with the system can naturally lower the property value. 

You are notified by a neighbor that sewage is leaking onto their property. 

It is an unfortunate situation, but it does happen. Sometimes, when two properties are in close proximity to one another and something goes wrong with the septic system of one of those houses, the lay of the land can cause seepage problems on the other's property. If your neighbor alerts you that there is sewage coming onto their property, it is your responsibility to have the septic tank and system inspected to find the problem so the situation can be remedied. In the event that you choose to ignore the complaint, your neighbor could take you to civil court to sue you for damages. 

In any event that a septic tank has problems, it commands attention and should be fixed as soon as possible. If you have issues with your septic system, reach out to a septic system inspection service for help.