Standing Out From The Crowd: Tips And Tricks To Individualize Your Kitchen Cabinets

You may have gotten a choice in the home that you chose to buy, but you may find that in one area, there doesn't seem to be any choice at all: kitchen cabinets. If you, as is more than likely, live in a subdivision, chances are good that you'll have the same kitchen cabinets as most, if not all, of your neighbors.

But what if you want your kitchen cabinets to be a little different from the ones two streets over? If you don't have the money to completely renovate your kitchens or buy new kitchen cabinets but still want to individualize them a bit, then here are a few tips and tricks you need to know.

Custom Paint Job

The easiest way to individualize your kitchen cabinets is to pull out the paint (and painter's tape) and go to work. A fresh hue can transform a kitchen, especially if you stray from the tired white/black/grey palate and instead bring in a pop of your favorite color or a color you use in your decorating a lot.

If patterns are more your style, go crazy! Stripes, polka dots, and other simple patterns are great ways to liven up your kitchen. And even if you grow out (or grow tired) of that design, a new look is still only a paint job away.

Add Molding

If you want really classy, decorated cabinets but don't have the time or budget to get completely new ones, then why not consider adding molding to your existing cabinets? Though the process might seem daunting, it's actually not as hard as it looks, and doesn't have to take weeks and weeks to do it.

It can be as simple as adding a straight trim to create Shaker-style cabinets to as fancy as hiring a professional to do intricate detail work, but the result will be the same: new-looking cabinets that completely fit the aesthetic you're trying to build in your kitchen, rather than just going with what everyone else has.

Replace Hardware

If you can't repaint nor add detail work but really want to individualize your cabinets so they don't look the same as everyone else's, it might be a good idea to replace the hardware on your cabinets. Lots of wholesale cabinets have small, circular knobs, but you can go as far away from that as you like — and even mix and match hardware for a more eclectic look and more useful hardware experience.

From knobs to pulls, straight to curved, cups to bars, the possibilities are endless, especially if you mix-and-match to get kitchen cabinets that not only look great and highly individual, but that are also useful and feel nice to open and close without fumbling around. A good place to start is considering where you want knobs and where you want pulls; pulls might be better with drawers, while knobs may allow you easier access to overhead cabinets. 

Companies like DL Cabinetry Jacksonville can help with other options.