Tips For Buying A New Mailbox

Even though you probably use your mailbox every day, it's easy to forget about and neglect it. A mailbox is exposed to sun, rain, and temperature extremes throughout the year. Plus, unless it's mounted on your house, it's probably close to the road where it gets splashed with rain and covered with road dust. Eventually, it looks old and worn out.

A new mailbox can brighten your property and keep your mail safer. Here are some tips for buying a new mailbox.

Buy An Approved Mailbox

You can't create any type of DIY mailbox because the USPS has regulations concerning the type of mailbox you can have and where you must place it. Mailbox manufacturers get their products approved by the USPS before they're put on the market. The mailbox should have a door that closes and a flag for outgoing mail. Also, your address should be clearly visible on the box.

Buy An Acceptable Post

When you buy a new mailbox, buy a set that includes the post too. A post needs to be of standard height so the mailbox height meets USPS regulations.

Buying a set ensures the mailbox is the right height when it's mounted on the post. Plus, a set is more attractive since the post and box match.

The post is sunk in a hole in the ground to hold it secure. You can buy a decorative cuff for the bottom of the post so it looks like it is sitting on top of the ground even though the post is buried.

Consider Extra Features

If you want added security for your mail, you can buy an insert for your mailbox. This is a metal locking box with a slot the mail carrier passes your mail through. The box adds a bit of protection for your mail since it keeps it out of sight if someone opens it.

Another option you might want for your mailbox set is a newspaper holder. If your paper is delivered by car or hand rather than being thrown in your yard, then a holder on your mailbox might be necessary for delivery. It keeps your paper in a safe and convenient place until you pick it up.

You also have a choice in how your address is put on the mailbox. You might want vinyl letters placed on the side of the box, or you can choose a plaque that hangs under the box or is affixed to the top.

Choose The Color

Mailboxes are usually made of aluminum. Color is added by powder coating the mailbox and post. This creates a long-lasting finish that won't rust.

You can choose from colors like white, brown, black, and tan. Pick one that looks best on your property and that stands out rather than blends in so the mail carrier can see it.

Installing your new mailbox isn't too difficult as long as you can dig a hole in your soil. If the soil is hard, you can rent a small auger to make the job easier.

If you buy a mailbox set that has all the pieces you need, then it comes with installation instructions that show you exactly how to install the mailbox in the right way so it's sturdy and in compliance with USPS regulations. If you need any assistance choosing or installing your new mailbox, contact a business such as for further guidance.