How To Care For Down Pillows

One way to give you bed a soft, luxurious touch with with real down feathers. St. Geneve, a manufacturer of luxury bed linens, towels and even robes and sleepwear, offers a wide variety of goose down pillows in a range of lofts, such as 700, 800, 900 and 1000. 

When choosing the perfect down feathers for your family, choose ones that are certified hypoallergenic to prevent allergic reactions. St Geneve down pillows are designed to last for years so finding the right fit is important.

One of the characteristics that down pillows are known for is their softness, and even though they may be dense with a lot of feathers, depending on the loft, they also tend to be lightweight. They also offer plenty of comfortable support for your head and neck, so you wake up feeling refreshed. 

Although it doesn't take much effect to care for down pillows, you'll want to properly maintain it to ensure its quality, softness and longevity. Here are some tips for keeping your family's down pillows in great condition for years to come:

1. Protect the Pillows

To protect your down pillows from everyday wear and tear, such as body oils, dust, pet dander and sweat, you'll need to place them in zip-on covers. Some covers will also protect the pillows from household allergens and dust mites.

The pillow covers are typically made of a soft, breathable fabric that will allow for air flow. They're also machine-washable for convenience. 

2. Fluff the Pillows

Although high-quality down pillows keep their shapes well even with daily use, you can fluff them up by giving them gentle shakes. Shaking will help to evenly distribute the pillows' filling and break up any small clumps.

On a monthly basis, you can hang the pillows on a clothesline if you have one, or near an open window, to rejuvenate them with fresh air. 

3. Spot-Clean the Pillows

If you notice a stain on your down feather pillow, you can spot-clean it with a soft cloth dipped into a mid detergent and water mixture. Rub the soapy solution into the spot, follow up with a few dabs of plain water, and then allow the pillow to thoroughly air dry before recovering it.

4. Deep-Clean the Pillows

At least twice a year, deep-clean your down pillows by running them through a washing machine in either cold or warm water. Use a gentle laundry soup and put the pillows through an extra rinse cycle if needed to remove all of the soap.

Place the pillows in a dryer set on medium temperature until they are completely dry. Damp down pillows may clump or have an odor, so it's important to remove all moisture.