Controlling Mosquitoes At Your Backyard Party

Mosquitoes can be pesky, uninvited guests at your summertime backyard parties. While there's no way to guarantee that no mosquitoes will find their way into your yard, there are some things you can do to help keep them away. Use this guide to prepare for your next backyard party and keep these pesky critters from nibbling away at your party guests.

Party With Plants

Even if you don't have your garden already filled with plants that naturally repel mosquitoes, you can add some beautiful greenery to your yard with potted citronella plants. These plants provide a natural way to repel mosquitoes, and their lush leaves also bring a stylish look to your porch, patio, or walkways. Visit your local nursery to purchase several of these plants, and keep them outdoors even when your party is over so they can continue to keep mosquitoes at bay.

Have Your Yard Treated

You can hire a pest control company to treat your yard with repellent spray. Arrange to have this done a day or two before the party so that the chemicals have time to work without compromising the area where you will be serving food. You can purchase treatments at your local hardware store to tackle this task on your own, but a pest control expert will be able to know exactly where to spray to provide the best chances of keeping mosquitoes away.

Use Mosquito Screens

Consider purchasing a mosquito screen tent to cover the area where you will be serving food. This can help keep the insects away from your buffet, which prevents them from using your guests as their own personal buffet area. Tenting the food area can also keep other insects away that might be attracted to fruit, sugary drinks, and other items you might be serving. If you have enough room in your yard, consider tenting the entire dining area so everyone can enjoy a bug-free meal.

Stock Up On Repellent

You may not want to require everyone to bring their own repellent, but it is a good idea for everyone to wear it. Stop at your local pharmacy or discount store and stock up on several kinds, including child-friendly repellents with roll-on applicators. You can even get a bit festive with this idea by putting out a platter filled with repellents for your guests to choose from.

On the day of your party, be sure to mow the grass and remove any items that might contain standing water to help ensure that mosquitoes won't ruin your event. For more help with keeping mosquitoes out of your yard, contact a pest control expert. To learn more, contact a company like Houston Misting.