Traditional Christmas Decorations: What You'll Need

The If you've tired of the ultramodern Christmas decorations out there, traditional holiday decorating may be something you're eager to attempt. However, because you're not very familiar with what you'd need for this kind of project, it's wise to have a look at these traditional decorating tips.

Keep Candle Holders and Candles in the Windows

Centuries ago, a common decorative sight during the Christmas and holiday season was a lest of lit candles in the windows of homes. If you're trying a traditional tack this year, you can bring this tradition back. And if you're trying to recreate something from the past, you're likely to avoid electric candles.

Instead, find antique candle holders online to put in the windows; spend some time on this, as the right candle holders can be beautiful in the window during the day when candles may not be lit. You can buy decorative metal holders or ceramic holders that are painted. If you have a special theme in mind, choose the candle holders accordingly.

Once you've chosen a beautiful set of candle holders online, you can work on the candles themselves. You may purchase beeswax candles, or you could work on creating the candles yourself with a some wicks and wax.

Take Care with Real Trees

Perhaps the centerpiece of your decorating, a real tree could present unique challenges, particularly if you've had plastic trees for so long. You may have read, for instance, that families of old mounted burning candles on their trees; that might not be a safe option today. However, you can still trim the tree with homemade ornaments and traditional affects. For example, you can use a needle and thread to string together popcorn, fabric or other materials into a custom garland that you can wrap around the tree.

Caring for the tree itself is important. You don't want it to prematurely dry out, as that will look awful, but more importantly so that you don't have a huge fire risk sitting in the living room or family room for days and days. Ensure that the tree stand is always full with water; you may add a humidifier to the room or keep windows slightly ajar so that  the tree doesn't dry out.

Simple additions to your decorating scheme can give your home a traditional appearance for Christmas. With these suggestions you can get the inspiration necessary to come up with more old-time ideas for your holiday.