How To Clean Brick Flooring

Brick is an extremely durable and aesthetically pleasing building material, which makes it an ideal flooring option for homeowners looking for a unique design either inside or outside of their home. However, like all flooring materials, brick needs to be properly cleaned in order to maintain both the structural integrity and appearance of the material. Thankfully, proper cleaning of brick flooring is not too complicated of a process.

General Deep Cleans

Brick, though highly durable when it comes to physical wear and tear, is actually an absorbent material. This means that substances may be absorbed into the surface of your floors, forming a stain that can be extremely hard to remove. In order to scrub these stains away, you should make a mixture of two tablespoons of borax (available at most hardware stores) into a gallon of warm water in a large bucket. Then, using a microfiber mop (which won't tear as easily on the rough surface of bricks as other types of mops), liberally scrub the stained surface of your brick flooring. For stains that are proving to be particularly stubborn, you can make use of a stiff bristled brush to focus on a specific area. Once the entirety of your brick floor has been scrubbed clear of all stains and marks, you may want to remove any excess water that remains on the floor with a dry mop or a series of rags.

Removing Brick Dust

Sometimes, brick floors can develop a thin film of red dust on top of themselves. While this can sometimes be caused by general wear and tear, a large amount of dust is almost always attributable to the fact that a highly acidic substance was left to linger on the surface of your floor. This can be because of a spilled chemical, improper sealing of your floor, or a variety of other reasons, and can cause your floor to wear away quicker than it should. In order to remove and prevent further dust from settling in, you should flush the entire floor using plain warm water and a microfiber mop. This will remove the acidic substance as well as any loose dust.

Cleaning Grout

Finally, the grout between the individual bricks in your floor can become just as dirty as the rest of your floor. In order to clean it off and leave it looking fresh and new, you should make a mixture of half vinegar and half baking soda, creating a relatively thick paste. Then, simply scrub it onto your grout using a toothbrush or a similarly sized scrubbing brush and let it sit for a half hour or so before rinsing it off with warm water. This will bleach the grout back to a near white and dissolve dirt and other materials which may be stuck on the grout.

Get the help of professional cleaning services if you need your brick cleaned ASAP.