Awning Features To Think About When Choosing The Best Awning For Your Home

If your home is in full sun all day, the patio can get too hot to enjoy. There could even be too much sun coming in the windows and patio doors. One solution to this problem is to have awnings installed on your home. These can be placed over all your windows and your patio, but they are particularly useful for the patio as well as windows on the south side of your home that get the most sun. Awnings not only provide shade, they also add color and beauty to your home. Here's a quick guide for features to look for when you shop for an awning.

Ease Of Manual Installation And Removal

Awnings are the most useful in the summer when the long days are filled with hours of sunshine. However, that's also when strong storms are prone to erupt. It's a good idea to take down your awnings when a strong storm is approaching so it isn't damaged. Retractable awnings make this job easy, but these are usually mounted over a patio door. The awnings over your windows are usually stationary and need to be taken down manually. While they can withstand rain and typical storms, it's probably best to take them down when a strong storm is predicted. Keep that in mind as you choose your window awnings so you buy styles that are quick and easy to take down if you have to do it in a hurry when strong winds begin to blow.

Method Of Operation For The Patio Awning

When it comes to large awnings for your patio, you have a lot more choices for putting up and taking down the awning. One option is to buy a stationary awning on legs that you place near the house. This might be an option if you rent the home and can't install an awning on the house itself. The least expensive awnings operate manually, which means you lift them up and support them with drop arms or you crank them out.

The most convenient option is to choose a retractable awning that operates with a push of a button to open and close. Some models can even sense when the sky gets dark and they retract themselves so you don't have to worry about the awning being up when a storm hits. The type of operation you choose affects the price, so your budget may come into play. Each style has a similar appearance when the awning is open, so no matter which one you choose, you can still have a stylish awning on your home.

Accessories That Enhance The Awning

Some awnings even come with accessories you might want to consider. One of these is attached lights that brighten the patio at night. Another option is to zip in a side panel to block out the sun when it shines under the awning. You might even find zip on walls to enclose the patio when it rains, or screen netting that allows you to sit outside at night without worry about mosquito bites.

Besides all these options to think about, you also have to decide on the material for the awning and its color or pattern. There are many choices available, so you're sure to find the perfect match for your home. Click for more information.