Types Of Drip Irrigation Systems

Drip irrigation systems are a simple automated type of irrigation system for your garden that are designed to provide a slow and steady trickle of water to your plants throughout the day. They are extremely effective because the slow release of water into the soil reduces the amount of moisture that is lost to evaporation throughout the day. However, there are several different variants of drip irrigation systems that are available on the market, each of which operates in a slightly different way to achieve the same end result. Understanding the differences between each type of drip irrigation system can help you choose the right system for your garden and landscaping needs.

Soaker Hose Drip Irrigation Systems

The most common type of drip irrigation system used in residential gardens, soaker hoses, resemble normal garden hoses except they have a number of small holes poked into them. This allows water to escape throughout the day. Because of their material considerations, soaker hoses are ideally used for use to water garden beds or hedges, and not for use on lawns, as they can only cover a narrow area of soil.

Emitter Drip Irrigation Systems

Emitter drip irrigation systems are a little more complex than soaker hoses, but work in a very similar manner. Emitter drip systems are set up with a long water pipe throughout the area that is being irrigated, and small emitters are put into the pipe. These emitters will spray water out throughout the day, using the same properties as the holes in soaker hoses. However, the main advantage of emitter drip irrigation systems is that they can be adjusted to spray water further or in various patterns, allowing a greater degree of customization based on your landscape's watering needs and for your irrigation system to cover a wider range of your garden than would otherwise be possible.

Misting Drip Irrigation Systems

Though mainly used for vines and standing plants, you can install a misting drip irrigation system in a number of landscaping setups to provide a consistent flow of water to your plants. Misting drip systems work exactly as their name would seem to suggest: they simply spray mist into the air, covering the surrounding area in a thin, dew-like layer. These types of drip irrigation systems are especially ideal for use with flowering plants, as they can help protect sensitive buds and petals from drying out too easily in the sunlight. For more information, contact a service like Hydrotech Irrigation Co.