3 DIY Projects That Make Everything Awesome When It Comes To Gutters And Rain Collection

When it comes to the gutters on your home, they are more than just channels connected to the eaves; gutters protect your home and provide a valuable resource with rain collection. Rather than just a plain gutter and rain collection system, you may want to consider DIY projects to improve your getters, such as installing rain chains for an attractive look or giving rain barrels a makeover with attractive enclosures. Here are a few awesome DIY projects for gutters that will improve their appearance:

1. Replace Downspouts with Attractive Copper Rain Chains

The downspouts of gutters protect the foundation of your home from gutter drainage, but they are often an unsightly addition to your home. There are a few options to replace gutter downspouts, such as hiding them behind an exterior finish and in the roof or using rain chains. The installation of rain chains to replace gutter downspouts is an easy DIY project that you can do yourself. Copper rain chains are attractive when they develop a patina, and they will also create soothing sounds as rain water flows down them.

2. Build Attractive Enclosures to Give Conventional Rain Barrels a Makeover

Modern rain collection systems may have larger capacity do to resin tanks that store the water. These resin tanks are often unattractive industrial-looking additions to your landscape. To make the rain barrels more attractive, enclose them with an attractive outdoor finish. You can use wood, vinyl or other outdoor construction materials for the project. The easiest way to build an enclosure is to use prefabricated sections of fencing or lattice sheets. Set posts around the corners of the storage tanks and fasten the sections to them. If the tanks are taller than the sections of fencing, cover the top of the tank and leave the gap at the bottom. The space at the bottom of the enclosure will prevent decay of materials and be less noticeable.

3. Add Capacity and Aesthetics to Rain Collection Tanks with Old Oak Barrels

There are also ways to increase the capacity of rain collection system, while adding aesthetic details to the outside of your home. Old oak barrels are an attractive addition to landscaping and can be used below copper rain chains to collect water. If you use a real wood barrel, apply a coat of sealant to the interior of the barrel to slow down the decaying process.

The addition of gutters and rain collection systems can be attractive features around your home with the right improvements. Contact a seller of rain chains to replace your downspouts with an attractive water feature for when it rains.