4 Dos And Don'ts For Choosing The Right Glass Shower Door

If you are planning on remodeling your home bathroom, chances are you might want to upgrade your shower or tub. Perhaps you have considered installing a glass shower door because of the benefits it offers. Not only does a glass enclosure look neat and hide your shower or tub, it safely keeps water from spraying onto the floor as you shower. It is also easier to maintain than a shower curtain, which may accumulate mold and mildew if not cleaned or replaced often enough . Assuming you're ready to take the initial move and have a glass shower door installed, what aspects do you need to consider? Here are a few "dos and don'ts" that may help you make the right selection:

1. DO Make Sure You Take Correct Measurements of Your Shower

It is a given and no-brainer that you will need to have the right measurements for your shower door, but it isn't always a 1-2-3 simple process. Be sure you carefully measure your shower enclosure opening precisely. The measurement of the glass shower door you select will need to be as wide as the opening of the enclosure, if not somewhat wider. If you aren't sure you're doing it right, consult a professional.

2. DON'T Assume That All Glass Shower Doors Are Designed the Same Way

A glass shower door can be found in one of several styles. Which is right for you? Consider the following questions: Will you choose a pivot style or perhaps a glass shower door that slides? Are you fitting a shower enclosure or covering a bathtub?

If your enclosure is rather narrow, you might do best with a glass shower door that pivots. The pivoting glass door will only open outward and will not require extra width for installation. However, if you are installing a door over your existing bathtub, consider a sliding glass bathtub door. Conversely, the sliding glass shower door is ideal for wide shower enclosures.

3. DO Choose a Glass That Meets Your Needs and Suits Your Preference

Just as there are several styles and designs of glass shower and bathtub doors, you will find various glass options as well. Here are a few of the more popular choices:

  • Clear Glass For Optimal Light and An Illusion of Roominess: If you are installing your glass shower door in a small bathroom that receives little light, it might be best to choose a clear glass shower door. It's probably the easiest glass type to clean and maintain as well.

  • Bronze Tinted Glass: If you are seeking privacy, this is a good option. Choose an opaque tinted glass that will be aesthetically pleasing and uniquely designed. Alternatively, you might opt for a gray tinted glass instead of the bronze color.

  • Textured Glass: The textured glass shower door is another option for privacy, and it is often available in a few patterned options.

  • Frosted Glass: A frosted glass shower door also offers a degree of privacy, although unlike a textured design, it is smooth and shiny.

Whatever glass option you decide on, insist on one important feature: It should be made of tempered glass. Tempered glass has greater strength than ordinary glass, and if it breaks it will not shatter into sharp or jagged pieces.

4. DON'T Buy a Glass Shower Door Sight Unseen

Even if you are certain of the design and glass type you desire, it is not a good idea to purchase your new shower door without seeing it in person. To get an accurate representation of how the glass shower door will look once installed, you need to see it up close, not from a photograph. Visit the showroom of your favorite dealer where you can have a look at several models.

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