How To Prepare Early For Christmas Gifts

Crazy as it may seem, Christmas will be here before you know it. The summer's already more than half over, then school starts. That's when the rush begins with Halloween and Thanksgiving and then, there it is — Christmas! If you have decided to make Christmas gifts early, you're really ahead of the game. From making your own cards to using beads for handmade gifts, here are a few ideas that may help you to get started.

Making A List - The first step in getting organized with your gift giving is to make a list of those whom you want to remember this Christmas. In preparing your list, divide it into categories. For example, create a category for men and another for women. There will be a category for children and another one for teenagers. Use your address book to remind you of those you want to give gifts to. Remember that some of your gifts will need to be mailed out of town. Don't forget to include service people. For example, your beautician will love receiving a thank-you gift at Christmastime. Involve your family in making the list. Your children will want to give teachers gifts, for example. Your spouse may be wanting to give gifts to people at work. This is a good time to decide on which people you want to remove from your list. For example, if you haven't connected with a particular college friend in quite some time, that might be a name you can remove from your list.

Making Your Gifts - Using the lists you have compiled, match a gift to a name. Consider concentrating on a certain technique for making your gifts. For example, you can use beads of different varieties for gifts for all of those on your list. If you decide to use beads as your focal point, you're opening a whole lot of opportunities for creating fun gifts. Even if you are already good at making beaded objects, consider taking a class in beading. You may be able to shop for wholesale beads at a reduced price through companies like Mayer Import Co Inc Imitation Stones.

Select masculine beads for the men on your list. For instance, using wooden beads, you can create handsome key chains. Plastic beads will be fun for the children on your list. Consider even giving them little kits where they can make their own jewelry and key chains.

Don't forget to check your list often and to put check marks beside names as those gifts are completed. Mail early!