4 Reasons to Choose Granite Counters for Your Kitchen

Homeowners that have the opportunity to remodel their kitchens might know that they want to add space, warm and dimension, but they don't usually know how to get to that point. After looking at different choices of tile and paint colors you will eventually begin seeing your kitchen remodeling project come together—that is, until you get to countertop choices.

Marble may look exquisite and composite countertops can be the most economical choice, but there are at least four major reasons that granite is a top choice of homeowners. Here are the details explaining why you should choose granite countertops for your kitchen.

1. Granite Compliments All Kitchen Layouts

Whether you are expanding your kitchen so that you can include an island or only have enough room for a single countertop, granite looks exquisite anywhere it is installed. You can choose granite countertops in kitchens with light colored cabinetry as well as dark, natural wood. Granite looks as stunning in modern themed kitchens as well as kitchens with a rustic, country decor.

2. You Have Lots of Customization and Re-purposing Options

If you ever need to move your granite countertops around, they can be cut down and re-purposed easily. This means that you can completely change the layout of your kitchen and you won't necessarily need to buy more granite to fill in the gaps. Pieces of granite can be sealed together so that you won't notice that your counter have been modified and moved about.

3. Sealed Granite Countertops Don't Stain 

Many other countertop material options do not stand up well over time when compared to granite. Wood counters almost always warp and splinter with enough usage, and ceramic tile can shatter and crack for various reasons. If you have your granite countertops sealed before use you will be able to easily avoid staining from spills and water, and you will never need to worry about heat damage.

4. Counters Made From Granite Can Last Forever 

The granite countertops that you have installed today can last forever as long as you use them sensibly. That means that you can enjoy a lifetime of cooking meals with your children and grandchildren in your custom modeled kitchen, on the very same granite countertops that you chose in your youth. There will be various parts of your home that will need to be replaced or at least repaired over the course of a lifetime, but high quality granite counters will only need to be occasionally polished and resealed.

To learn more about your granite countertop options, contact companies like Alma Granite.