Easy Ways To Keep Mosquitoes From Ruining Your Outdoor Activities

When the weather gets a little nice, it's a given that the mosquitoes will come out and try to ruin your day. It's especially bad when you want to do anything outdoors. You don't have to let mosquitoes ruin your backyard barbecue or outdoor gathering. Here's how you can keep mosquitoes away from your activities.

Start With Water and Moisture

One of the main attractors of mosquitoes to your yard is moisture. Mosquitoes love water, especially standing bodies of water. If you have a pool, keep it chlorinated or covered. If you have a kiddie pool, empty it. If there's a bucket or anything else that may have water in it, empty it out, and turn it over.

Look for standing water, leaks, or any other source of water around your property. These all can become breeding habitats for mosquitoes. Remember that mosquitoes lay their eggs in water, and all it takes is about 48-hours for them to hatch. So stay vigilant when it comes to moisture, especially if the day of your outdoor activity is fast approaching.

Keep Your Yard Clean and Your Grass and Vegetation Trimmed

Mosquitoes like to get out of the heat too. They will congregate in areas that offer coolness and dampness. If your yard has a lot of tall grass and plant life, then mosquitoes won't have to go far to find a place for themselves.

Keep your grass cut, and make sure your vegetation stays trimmed. You don't have to trim all your plants, but you should pay attention to any plant life close to where your outdoor activity will occur.

Equal to keeping your greenery to a minimum, you should also clean up any debris in your yard. A buildup of debris can create conditions favorable to mosquitoes. Don't let garbage, piles of grass clippings, or anything else sit for too long. Eliminate clutter wherever you find it.

Show Care with Other Tools and Methods

There's a tremendous amount of mosquito traps, chemicals, and devices. Some work, some don't, and some only apply to specific situations. You can keep many mosquitoes away during your outdoor activities just by dealing with standing water and yard clutter.

If you need to do anything extra, or if the mosquitoes refuse to go away, you should contact professional exterminators, like Ace Walco & Sons Termite & Pest Control. A pest control company can help you with a mosquito problem that won't go away. They can also help you figure out what other steps you can take to prevent mosquitoes from interrupting your outdoor activities.